From Our Main Street To Yours

It’s hard to believe but we are almost in the sixth month of the year already. For many Districts this is the beginning of the busy season with all the Farmers Markets, street fairs, and other community events that take us through the summer. Michele Massey, Executive Director of the Jackson Hill Main Street & Special Improvement District would like to welcome all of our partners back to a new season with NJMDA. We look forward to working with all of our partners in the upcoming year.

Fellow District Managers,

With great excitement I would like to announce the start of another year with the New Jersey Managed Districts Association (NJMDA). Many of you are familiar with NJMDA and for some of you this is your first introduction to the Association. Created in 2006, NJMDA is a registered 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization that is the only association registered to advocate at the State level for the interests of District Managers, District Management Corporations (DMC), DMC Board Members, and local Governments with interest in the success of an Improvement District.

Through speaking with colleagues in Jersey City and throughout the State, I’ve realized that many of the issues that I struggle with in Jackson Hill are found in many communities in our State. From difficulties being included in municipal decision-making, attracting and retaining good business owners, to developing marketing to reach the stakeholders, it’s the same story everywhere you look.

Many Managers like ourselves are dealing with the changing landscape in the Improvement District world. NJMDA offers an outlet for collaboration and creative problem solving with your peers across the state. Through understanding how we can help one another we will be able to help the districts, Municipalities, and Boards that we represent achieve their economic goals.

Being a “Home Rule” State, each Municipality in NJ is different in almost all aspects of governance, including Improvement Districts, but the challenges we face are universal. NJMDA looks to change the tone of the Improvement District conversation in New Jersey and to do that we need your help. We would like to collaborate with you on finding ways to involve the public about projects. Building standards of practice and data collection to prove the change we are making within our communities. We offer you the opportunity to join the conversation and help to strengthen Improvement Districts across New Jersey.

There are many ways for you to take part: sign up for our email list, join us at one of our events, engage with us on social media, write a case study on your district with your challenges and triumphs. In any case, you will be hearing from us and we look forward collaborating on solutions with you.

Best Regards,

Michele Massey, Jackson Hills Main Street Executive DirectorMichele Massey
Trustee, New Jersey Managed Districts Association
Executive Director
Jackson Hill Main Street & Special Improvement District

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