One Journal Square: From Vacant Lot to Hot Spot

On a cold and rainy night this past October, community members from within and around the Journal Square section of Jersey City gathered inside of the Old Bergen Church (the oldest continuous congregation in New Jersey) to hear from representatives of the KABR Group and Kushner Companies on the planned development of the former Hotel on the Square site and other properties, now known as One Journal Square.

The project, which is illustrated in the photos below, will feature a 56-story residential tower along with 100,000 square feet of commercial and retail space…filling a long standing need in Journal Square for rental units in close proximity to the PATH Transportation Center.

Of even greater interest to those of us who work in the field of public space development and programming is the replacement of the current plaza area, with a beautifully designed plaza/park that will serve as a shared commuter-community-cultural space:


Consistent with the project’s mission to “create a property that will inspire a new life and lifestyle for Jersey City,” the development of an activated public space offering passive enjoyment and programmed activities and events, harkens back to a time when Journal Square was known as the cultural and entertainment hub of Hudson County.

Similar to the Highline in NYC’s Chelsea/Meatpacking District and Memorial Plaza at One World Trade Center, the development of this public space has the potential to help spur additional investment around the site, as well as increasing the overall value of those properties that may benefit from being close to a safer and more attractive transportation hub.

Undoubtedly, this reimagined space can reflect both the sensibilities of a newer generation of Journal Square residents and NYC transplants, while resonating strongly with those who appreciate “The Square’s” history and past glory.

We’re looking forward to this project’s completion and future enjoyment by all!

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